Musical line-up

It does not matter if you come as a witch or a gnome, the night’s central characters will be the party people. Music, covering a wide variety of styles, will be the main ingredient of a night made to celebrate. Samba will be replaced by pop hits (from Madonna to Billy Idol), house/dance music and electronic sounds. At the same time, screens will display visuals by Razor Collective.

On the dance floor, located in the theatre’s Grand Hall, the night opens with Miss T, who will warm up the partygoers with sexy, electrifying and physically irresistible tunes (hits from the 80’s to the present, mixing rock, alternative and disco music). Next, someone who does not need introduction: DJ Fernando, who just released his CD “Annual Mix 2010”, broadly renowned for his work in Orbital radio, and for producing and remixing some of the greatest house/dance hits of the moment.

Guest DJ Lusky (Venus Rising Rome’s resident DJ) takes control of the cabin and of the turntables around 4:00pm, and she will make the crowd go wild with her contagious energy and electronic beats. Figurehead of the Italian gay circuit (Gorgeous I'm & Gay Village), Lusky DJ is one of the very few women regularly deejaying at the most famous clubs in Rome and Italy and around Europe, attending the main European festivals and gay pride parades.